I seriously believe that creating glass, hot glass, is the greatest art that has ever been made. That’s how crazy I am about glass. To create, and get your hands dirty with ashes and your brow sweating, and make something so crisp and crystal clear, to me is the most beautiful thing.

Signatur: Jennie Olofsson

The Glass

My glass, whether it’s functional objects like drinking glasses, or performance, is always a prolongation of my love for Gotland, this place where I live and is borned. Its exposure, its barrenness, its natural beauty, its uniqueness. Just like glass is unique and different every time you make it.


When I work with for example gourmet restaurants, I look at who they are and what they create, filter it through myself and express it in glass. When I work with performance, my goal is to interest people in glass, to amaze them in the same way I am. By making these crafted objects, I can educate.

The Studio

Fifteen years ago I was laying in a hammock in Laos. We had been traveling for four months, with three months backpacking still ahead of us. As I lay there, it struck me like lightning - I’m going to be a glassblower. I knew nothing about the material. Now! I found my place in Norrlanda, in the east part of Gotland. It was the public house of the community, a weird-looking house with a big old barn. We created Glasstudion Big Pink, a open workshop and a place for cultural and artistic meetings.

What's up